HilgendorfMechanics Power Transport

Mechanics Power Transport

Store, organize, and transport all your tools and supplies. Electric, solid state power is variable, providing smooth starts and stops. Increase productivity while you decrease workers' compensation claims.

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Two and three cabinet models available, 6 different styles of cabinets or drawer combinations, interiors and accessories. Contact Hilgendorf for details.

  • Designed for maneuvering through tight spaces
  • Narrow width allows it to travel through doors or maneuver close to machinery or equipment
  • Ergonomic, one-handed steering - turns on a dime
  • Push button controls for horn, forward/reverse, and travel speed
  • Variable speed control
  • Quiet, 36-Volt electric power with fully automatic built-in battery charger
  • Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
  • Cabinet locks for security
  • Up to 2000 pound load capacity
  • Improves efficiency and reduces injury


Mechanics Transport Dimensions

LARGER LENGTH: Platform 67" / Overall: 79" 
Call for custom configurations.

Standard Colors

Mechanics Power Transport Colors


WARRANTY: 1 year on electrical and mechanical, 2 years on drive system.



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The SmartHandle makes steering a breeze. With one-handed manipulation, operators either lead or follow the transport. In addition, it houses all control functions, allowing fingertip selection of travel speed, forward/reverse, and horn.

Heavy-duty construction featuring forklift pockets on both ends and anti-tip wheels make transportation safe and efficient. All HILGENDORF transports  are equipped with 3 solid rubber tires. Nonmarking or oil-resistant tires are optional.

Base measures 45" or 67" by 29.5". The cabinet top comes in either hardwood, smooth painted steel, diamond plate, or stainless steel. Battery compartment rolls out for easy maintenance. Powered by 3 standard marine-type batteries.

100% full extension drawers give continuous smooth extension, even with 440 pounds (200kg) distributed load. One drawer open at a time safety system prevents tipping.

A wide variety of dividers and other accessories allow for custom configuration of drawers with maximum partitioning flexibility. Full-width handles with label holders are standard in 6 different drawer heights.

Order drawers completely configured or build your own from divider components. Call for drawer configuration options.